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What's Your COVID Strategy?
Phenomenal Aire 99%+ Effective
UV-C Air Purification

Americans Are Concerned About Catching The Virus

We Provide a Safer Facility for Employees and Guests

Bipolar Ionization

Proven over 99% effective at deactivating the virus responsible for COVID-19. Bipolar Ionization is a cost affordable solution, installed in your HVAC Systems for whole facility air purification to lower the risk of transmission.

UV-C Air Sterilization

Proven over 99% effective at deactivating the virus responsible for COVID-19. Safe affordable tools to clean the Air and Surfaces with the latest UV Technology. We can provide tools for room, facility, or surface disinfection to meet your needs.

Safer with Temperature Detection Technologies

Advanced Temperature Scan Technologies allow for facial recognition, improved record keeping and compliance requirements with staff and visitors

Safer Facility with Bipolar Ionization

Bipolar Ionization offers an affordable whole facility approach to Air Purification and Pathogen Deactivation. 99%+ Effective against SARS-CoV-2!

Clean Air Naturally With:

Safer Air and Surfaces with UV-C

Upper Air UV Germicidal Light

UV is a powerful tool for Air and Surface Sterilization. From area Sterilization to whole facility Air Purification. 99%+ Effective against SARS-CoV-2!

Safer with Area by Area Sterilization


The Stalwart Pro is a UVC Sterilizer that is easy to operate and maintain. Its practical design offers a greater degree of versatility to its operators, enabling them to redirect the UVC rays to any direction in their space. with its powerful sensors, this potent disinfection unit reduces irradiation hazards by turning off the UVC lamp when it detects humans in its vicinity. Additionally, it features an integrated alarm that notifies occupants before the UVC lights are activated.


HOVER, our new LED Panel Light comes with a Centrifugal Industrial Fan that cleanses the air of bacteria and pathogens. Its silver ions that are widely used in disinfection and sterilization processes, react with hydrogen sulfide ions in bacteria and damage their DNA along with their protein structure, thus inhibiting their reproduction. The material surface with electric charge pulls membranes of bacteria, ruptures them and brings the deadly bacteria to death.


The Aeromaxe Air Sterilizer is a disinfection system that is designed to operate in the presence of human beings unlike most UVC based systems. It makes use of state-of-the-art patented electromagnetic Induction Technology to sterilize air. Its mode of operation completely negates the inefficiencies that lags most of the filter screen based air purifiers. It features a TFT touch screen display panel which can be used to set various disinfection modes for the space.

Professional Products, Professional Advice

From temperature scanners and detection technologies to whole facility air sterilization, IAQ SafeTech can provide an affordable plan to reduce risk, demonstrate your commitment to safety, and provide a better environment for your employees and guest.

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